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IT Support Services

IT SupportTek Service Pros business is centered on IT support for small and medium sized businesses. Our highly responsive approach with support gives our clients speedy resolutions to technical issues every-day.

IT Systems Management

The management of IT systems today is a challenging task for any business. Tek Service Pros has the resources and technical knowhow to ensure your system is managed to in accordance with industry best practices, securely and efficiently.

IT Consulting and Technical Strategy

IT ProjectMg1Having a good sense of direction for your IT systems is a must for any modern business. Tek Service Pros works with a range of different business types to develop well structured technical strategies to suit a diverse set of business goals.

IT Procurement

IT ProcurementChoosing and sourcing the correct equipment for your IT systems is crucial to ensure dependability. Tek Service Pros have partnerships with all of the major IT vendors, distributors and we always keep current with the latest products.

Cloud Computing

IT SysMg2

    Tek Service Pros Cloud is the basis for a range of services from Tek Service Pros including:

  • Secure Remote Office (SRO): A fully hosted, online business IT system, accessible from anywhere. No upfront costs, latest equipment and software, IT support included. Monthly subscription cost for your entire IT systems.
  • Cloud Server Hosting: Dedicated Virtual Servers for hosting any sort of web application, website or online service. High-availability, fully managed, no upfront investment and speedy deployments.
  • Hosted Exchange: Removing the need to operate your own Microsoft Exchange email system, leave the job to us. Accessible anywhere with Outlook, iPhones, Androids, or Windows

IT Project Planning & Implementation

IT ProjectMg2 When it’s time to add functionality to your existing system or refresh your existing equipment, the right planning and execution of aproject can determine its success. Tek Service Pros are the masters of ensuring that your next IT project is well thought out, designed to suit your business needs and implemented with the utmost perfection.